Strategic Consulting Advisory

At Acezd, we take a dual view on Strategy engagements. One view has an Industry view to cover the industry nuances, and another view is a Functional view to leverage the best practices across industries, overall the dual matrix approaches help ensure an exhaustive view.

Organizational Strategy Digital Roadmap, M&A ( Growth & Divestiture) & Sustainability
Customer Value
Customer Experience (CX), Service Mgmt., CRM, Value Engineering, Price & Product Pricing
Organizational Financial Performance Management, Treasury, Taxation, CashFlow, Asset Mgmt
Digital Operations
Head-less Commerce, RPA, Procurement, Supply Chain, Planning, Maintenance, Continuous Improvement, Innovative Culture
People & Organizations
Organizational Change Management, Human Capital Transformation, Workforce Planning, Learning & Development
Communications, Media, Entertainment, Technology & Electronics
Infrastructure & Transportation Services (Air, Freight & Travel), Consumer Products & Services, Industrial Equipment & Life Sciences
Government Advisory Services, Public Service Operations & Mgmt, Health, Defense & Public Safety,
Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Capital Markets and Insurance